The invasion has started!

Space Monke's are an upcoming NFT project that will release directly on OpenSea. (Just like MonkePunks) This collection is part of the MonkePunks universe and is meant to expand on the ideas introduced by MonkePunks.

Holding a Space Monke will give holders access to "the Spaceship" a private area within the discord server where we talk about NFT's, share info, knowledge, and help eachother find new opportunities.

We are also adding new features to the Spaceship after release that will bring even more value to holding both Space Monke's and MonkePunks. This will be detailed in the new ││roadmap

There will be a total of 1200 Space Monke's, with 1000 available to the public, and 200 set aside for giveaways and promotion. The primary sale price will be 0.025 Ethereum, and the Monke's will be releasing on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Space Monke's are dropping Saturday December 11th at 7pm PST!

Grab a Space Monke and come join a fun and growing community!